Sail Trim Guide Logo Sail Trim Guide Logo2 Sail Trim Guide ... Is Trademark protected. Copying and reproduction will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Parts of the Boat Rigging, Sails Basic Sailing Concepts “Plain English” Theory Sail control for : Draft, Twist, Luff, Foot, Leach The Sail Trim Table provides imediated access to the right changes for maximum sail power under any condition. Just pick the boat on the same tck as yours (from picture lineup at top) and read down the column for the 15 sail trim adjustments that maximize sail power for that tack. Points of Sail Docking the Boat Radio Channels Radio “Conversation” Sail “Rights of Way” Navigation Aids - Bells & Buoys All Illustrated -  No Guesswork Nautical Terms, Sailing Glossary How to Trim Sails How to Sail Boating Navigation Sail Trim Guide ... Provides : Easy Access To All Your      “Quick Decision” Sailing Needs : 15 Quick & Easy Sail Trim Adjustments for Each of 6 Wind Tacks : Normal Upwind Reach Down Wind “Run” Shortest Distance to The Mark Fastest Speed To The Mark Wave Control Sail Trim Guide  ...   Also Covers : Sailing Terms Glossary Sail Trim Theory and Concepts Parts of The Boat, Rigging, Sails Docking : Arriving, Leaving, Tying Up Radio Channel Use ... and ... What To Say How to Sail Sailor’s “Rights Of Way” Navigational Markers : o In ... Correct sail boat ... Boat Context Sail Trim Guide Sail Trim Guide - Overview Background : Sail Trim Guide was develolped in the late 80’s as a personal assistance tool for on-boat use. Sailors encounter many situations where there is a sudden need to respond to a change and not time enough to refresh yourself on the boat and sail handling requirements - or to look it up in one of the 400 page sail handling books on the market. Many times there are guests on board that cannot get comfortable until they feel like they understand what the Captain is doing to run the boat. Then there are the times that you wish you knew how to get a little extra speed out of the wind situation - ( ie : Should the Boom Vang or Cunningham go up or down in this situation?)  ... or how to keep the wind in the sails when a “blow” has started and now the waves are regularly emptying the sails’ wind. How do you get a guest or new sailing partner to make that call to the marina for fuel dock space or for a mooring while you’re trimming the sails and navigating the channel for the approach? Sail Trim Guide addresses all of these situations and more. It’s laminated for foul weather and durability. Description : The current version of Sail Trim Guide, is the result of more than 20 years of user feedback and boat owner’s use. Sophisticated concepts have been broken down to their practical essentials and writte for a plain english audience. Any nautical or sailing terms used are explained on Side 1. When a term appears again - it is in bold ink to confirm a quick reference back to the original explanation - if needed. Sailors’ Rights of Way depictions are color coded and context sensitive for fast recognition and use: Red Boat YIELDS, Green Boat GOES. Bells, Buoys and navigational markets are shown in correct relationship to your boat. No more guessing if you remembered the Rules of the Road correctly or which side of the boat the green or red markers should be on. Just look at the picture and go. Quick and easy illustrations end domestic disputes and let you get on with sailing enjoyment. Sail Trim Guide is formatted 8 1/2” x 11”. Sail Trim Guide is a sailing “How To” ... How to sail a sail boat. It is especially valuable to those new to sailing. It is full of sailing tips. Sail Trim Guide will teach you how to sail a sailboat. Unique Features : The heart of the Sail Trim Guide is Side 3. This unique table/graphic of 15 Sail Trim Adjustments for each of 6 tacks enables you to just pick out the boat that is on the same tack as yours from the pictured group and just read down the column for 15 unique adjustments to fine tune your sails for maximum effect. No Guessing, no re-working, just glance and go! Change Tacks ... Pick the next column’s checklist ... and .... GO ! The Sail Trim Table can be used as a sail boat racer’s sail trim checklist. 4 Versions : Sail Trim Guide ... is available in 4 versions ...  all laminated for durability : 1 - Single page, 2-sided : This version contains Sides 1 and 2 and includes the Sailing Principles Glossary of Terms on Page 1 and the Sail Trim Basics on Page 2. 2 - Single page, 2 sided : Sides # 3 & # 4 : The “Sail Trim Guide Table” and “Sail Boat Handling” 3 - FOLDED, 4 Sided version : Contains all 4 Sides. Size : 8.5” x 11” ... when folded. 4 - FLAT, 2 sided : Contains content of all 4 sides but ... un-folded ... for use as a PLACEMAT or placemat gift. Size: 11” x 17”  FLAT.   “Click” -  below to view the contents of individual pages (sides) of the Sail Trim Guide : Nautical Gifts Sail Trim Guide makes the ideal nautical gift for that sailer or boat owner in your life, or for your crew members. It’s the sailing gift that keeps on giving ... season after season. Sail Trim Guide also makes the ideal Sail Boat gift for the new boat owner or skipper who’s invited you out for a cruise.  Sail Trim Guides make the best gifts for sailers whether its a sailing gift for him or a sailing gift for her. Check out our Sail Trim Guide - Christmas Gift SPECIAL ...  “Click” - images for detailed view Sail Trim Guide

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